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Becoming a productive mobile professional

crafting successful mob career

A man can succeed at almost anything for which he has unlimited enthusiasm.
~Charles Schwab~

Welcome back from the holidays and Happy 2016! The nature of my work did not provide me with enough opportunity to take a real break away from work. However, it was a slow period which afforded me time to catch up on some reading and research. I came across an interview recording that discussed why the holidays are an excellent time to look for jobs. How many of us job seekers can be truthful to ourselves and assert that we want to spend time looking for jobs or engaging in career development related activities when there are gifts to be bought and wrapped, trees to decorate and holidays to plan? The holidays to-do- list is but a long one.

According to Dick Bolles, author of What Colour is Your Parachute, and Susan P. Joyce, Editor/Publisher of there are several reasons why the holiday’s people should take advantage of job search during the holidays. You can listen to the full interview here:

So how many jobseekers out there sent out job applications, updated their LinkedIn profiles, rewrote their career profiles, consulted a career strategist and more? When you are in the process of crafting a portable career, it is prudent to take advantage of quiet periods to focus and strategize on your job search or career development campaign. This is a time as good as any to launch into phase III of crafting a successful portable career- developing a strategic campaign.

If you are not content with you status quo but would like to craft an effective portable career, what are you doing about it? Have you created a campaign to guide your career development steps? What you should consider doing is creating a personal brand and take up active follow-up steps to achieve your goal. Read more about personal branding by Meg Guiseppi an Executive Job Search Strategist here:

And finally, here are my top 5 tips to guide you in developing a job search/career development plan:

  1. Polish up your résumé/curriculum vitae.
  2. Update your/create a LinkedIn profile.
  3. Identify the industry/field you want to work in.
  4. Identify and list down the top 50 organizations you would like to work in.
  5. Identify a mentor then launch your job search.

Till next time! If you have questions/comments or would like a free consultation, use the form on my homepage or send me an email to