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Chibesa Angela Mwape is a mother of three, a wife, an executive & career development coach and a writer who has always had a passion for making the lives of others more meaningful and leaving a positive impact on them. She is the author of ‘Work Life Balance-Perceptions of Organisational Work Life Balance Policies in Reducing Work Related Stress’. Since 2014, she has coached executives, diplomats and individuals on career development and empowered them with transformative goal setting, effective job seeking tools and strategies in over fifty locations in Africa. A former catwalk model, Chibesa has also worked at The World Bank as an Analyst, Passport Career as a Researcher, the Christian Council of Ghana as a consultant and in Media as a Promotions Executive. She is a global citizen who has lived in Kenya, Ghana, Denmark, Kosovo and the USA.


Her current work has allowed her to support clients with career development, thought partnership and employment opportunities. She enjoys supporting people in an unfamiliar environment and empowering them to find practical solutions to enhance and achieve their career and professional goals. Her specialties are diverse and include career coaching, executive coaching,  international relocation consulting and delivering career development workshops for small to medium sized audiences.  One of her greatest passions is to help leaders augment their leadership skills in today’s competitive, challenging, and ever-changing global market. Chibesa is also an events coordinator and an avid writer, currently writing a book on International Relocation which will serve as a comprehensive guide for families in international transition. In addition to coaching, writing and speaking about career development, she supports her clients in their exploration of self-awareness and exceeding their greatest potential. A certified career coach and federal resume writer, she also supports job seekers in employment considerations and professional development options through a number of interventions including curriculum vitae and résumé writing, networking coaching, mock interviews and negotiations coaching.

Complementing Aspirations

Compelled by the the Sustainable Development Goals which are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and improve the lives and prospects of everyone, everywhere, in the near future, Chibesa hopes to build on her interest in talent management by pursuing further studies in industrial/Orginazational Psychology. Through international development, she hopes to make a strong, long-lasting impact on the lives of people over a much larger geographic area through supporting international development organizations with solving problems in the workplace in the areas of employee attraction through to training and assessment.   This would build on her previous work with organizations like FACE Ghana, which she co-founded in 2006. The organization’s goal is to augment environmental awareness by carrying out specific interventions related to waste and environmental management. She also did this type of work with The World Bank in conjunction with The Christian Council of Ghana on the ‘Inter-Faith Waste Management Initiative’, a discourse attended by religious leaders both Christian and Muslim, World Bank officials, and the Ghanaian Minister of Culture and Chieftancy, among others, to mobilize communities to collect and manage waste efficiently. She would also like to continue writing about personal development and work life balance, an issue that is very close to her heart, in order to support executives and personnel in their quest to create a productive but harmonious environment, at the workplace.

Educational Information

Chibesa Angela Jespersen holds a BA in Communication Science from the University of South Africa (Universiteit van Suid-Afrika) and an MSc in Human Resource Management and (International) Development from the University of Manchester. Addtioally she has career coaching certification from Certified Professional Career Coach (CPCC) and Individual Directions Inventory (IDI) certification.